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These activities are designed for version 2.0 of the L&PS route and use only the default rolling stock included with that version.


TSUNPACK, the MSTS Activity Installer, won't work properly with the L&PS route because of its separate mini-install. I have written a special activity installer, called TSUNPACKLPS to use when installing activities for the L&PS. You can download a copy here. Unzip the download files into a temporary folder. Drag your .APK packaged activity file onto the TSUNPACKLPS program. To make things more interesting, go ahead and substitute your own rolling stock into these activities ( I do! ).


The L&PS operates a regular daily local to Port Stanley and back called the Port Turn. In addition, 'Bucket Runs' are made as needed to keep the coal moving - empty hoppers southbound, loads northbound. The agent will often add coal hoppers to the Port Turn to fill out its tonnage. All freight trains are run as extras on the L&PS.

The London Switch crew, usually using L2, assembles the Port Turn in the morning and spots the cars it returns with in the afternoon. The London Switch also handles the CN transfer, picking up the string of incoming cars, spotting them and making up the outgoing string for transfer the next day.

Cars are sorted into the London yard tracks between Simcoe and Hill Street as follows:

L Track 1 - empty buckets (hoppers) destined for the Port
L Track 2 - cars destined for the CN interchange
L Track 3 - all southbound cars ( ie MCR, PM etc )
L Track 4 - this is used as an arrival and departure track

At Port Stanley tracks are used as follows:

Track 4 - inbound coal
Track 5 - outbound to ferry
Track 6 - arrival/departure
Track 7 - runaround - keep clear


  1. Don't leave cars standing across city streets. When you drop cars in the yard, split your train at Grey Street, Simcoe and Hill.
  2. If you move a car to reach a drop further into the spur, be sure to replace it.
  3. Buckets for Hoffman are spotted on the yard track beside their property. ( L Track 1 ) If you move a loaded hopper from this location, be sure to replace it.
  4. With respect to note 2 and 3 above, empty hoppers do not need to be replaced but can be moved directly to the empties track ( L Track 1 )
  5. The weedsprayer parked on the west lead to the London Rolling Mills complex is Bad Ordered 'DO NOT MOVE IT! Use the east lead to access the LRM sidings.
  6. There is no AI traffic in the L&PS switching activities but for more realism keep an eye on the timetable and clear the main five minutes before any scheduled trains.
  7. You won't need the front coupler for these activities. Save yourself some grief and avoid using it.
  8. When assembling trains, car order is listed north to south
  9. When switching, avoid leaving cars standing on the main.
  10. McClary Powerhouse uses a steam winch to move cars through the unloader from west to east. Drop loads at the west end of the siding and pick up empties from the east ( even if it means moving cars spotted at the warehouse ).
  11. When operating the Port Turn, don't run around cars at facing point spurs. Instead, set out those spurs on the return trip later in the day or next day if needed.
  12. When switching Elgin Handles and the freight shed in St. Thomas, do not foul the Wabash diamond.
  13. MCR Interchange, served by northbound trains, pull MCR bound cars through on NW track. Back through SW track to pickup outgoing cars.
  14. Turnbull Coal, served by southbound train, ensure setouts at positioned immediately behind locomotive.
  15. Sutherland Press - served by southbound train, leave train at freight shed, crossover at Kaines, proceed to MCR spur.
  16. Be sure to refer to the System Map and Employee Rule Book that were included in your L&PS route download package.


If you are looking for additional activities, be sure to check out the OVS Electric web site here. They have a dozen or so well made activities that will keep you busy for hours on the route! There are also a number of great activities in the library at

Christian Schröder has kindly provided these schematic maps of the L&PS route to aid in building and running activities.