L&PS Rolling Stock - Diesel Electric Freight Locomotives



By 1955 the L&PS had been operating as an electric powered railroad for 40 years. The 25 Hertz electrical equipment was out dated and difficult to repair and the 25 Hertz hydro electric generators at Niagara Falls were about to be shut down. So the L&PS contracted with GM to provide two small 1300 HP G12-567C diesel electric loco's to replace the aging boxcabs. The GM Locomotive plant was located in London and their 90 ton G12 export model suited the light rail and bridges of the L&PS line. These locomotives were not equipped for MU operation and they were not used in passenger service ( passenger service ended on the L&PS in October 1957 ).

L4 was delivered on September 15, 1955 at a cost of $175,000 and carried serial number A831.

L5 followed in July 1957 carrying serial number A1384.

These locomotives served the L&PS through to the CN takeover in 1966. At that time L4 became CN 991 and L5 CN 992. Both were moved to Vancouver Island and were seen operating near Deerholme as late as 1975.

Here's a photo of L4 outside the L&PS car shops at Philip Street in London.


and a roster shot circa 1959.


L4 and L5 models by Nigel Booth ( http://www.tsnz.co.nz ) - Thanks Nije!