Presented here is the London and Port Stanley Railway as it was in about 1927.

The route traverses 24 miles of rural countryside from London, Ontario, Canada to Port Stanley on the Lake Erie shore. Electrified in 1914, the line operated a number of unique passenger and freight motors, many of which you will see here.

The 1920s were an exciting time for the L&PS with both freight and passenger traffic hitting near records. The beach and amusement facilities at the Port provided a popular destination for area residents and generated much of the passenger business. The line enjoyed significant freight revenue through delivery of loaded coal hoppers from the Marqette & Bessemer car ferry to customers all along the route. The L&PS interchanged with four major steam roads providing a source for additional traffic in both freight and passenger transfers.

All of the 'photos' on this site were computer generated from three dimensional models made for the Microsoft Train Simulator program. The latest hollywood special effects films provide the technology for this new hobby. These tools allow the modeller to create highly detailed, historically accurate representations of their favourite subject, including sound, animation, and scenery - all of which can be easily shared with others.

This web site is meant to be informative, but I also hope it may inspire you to get involved in this challenging new aspect to the model railroading hobby.

Enjoy your tour of the L&PS.