Mile 5.3: Westminster Station (Stop 4)

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In 1856, the L&PS constructed a depot at the 3rd concession road of Westminster Township ( now Wilton Grove Road ) to handle passengers, mail, newspapers and express items. The structure survived until 1924 when it was destroyed by fire and replaced with a small passenger shelter and freight shed. A 28 car passing siding was located at the site along with a short spur serving the frieght shed.

In 1955 this crossing was the site of a serious collision between a northbound passenger train and a transport truck carrying a load of brand new automobiles. Motor car No 2, with No 4 trailing, derailed and suffered extensive damage demolishing the passenger shelter before it came to rest. The truck, owned by Gilson Automobile Transport of Toronto, and its load of new vehicles was totally destroyed. No 2 was scrapped soon after the accident.

In 1957 the 401 Expressway was built through this region carried over the north end of the siding on an overpass. All the structures are gone now but the siding and spur remain, helping CN to service the many industries that eventually located in this area.

This photo was taken about 1927 looking south after the station was torn down.



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