PovRay Images



The normal way of capturing images of virtual models is to 'print-screen' the MSTS display. The MSTS program renders the shape and lighting of the model and the print-screen button saves it to an image file. Although most of the images on this web site were created this way, a number were created iinstead using a technique I developed involving the PovRay program. PovRay ( www.povray.org ) is a sophisticated program capable of generating photo-real still images of 3D models. The key is some custom software that I have written that converts an entire MSTS route - .t files, .s files, .w files, .ace files - rolling stock and all - to PovRay format. Unfortunately, the technique has a litany of problems that makes it unsuitable for release, but when it works, the results are nice.

Here is a comparison of a standard print-screen on the left with the povray image on the right. The print-screen is pretty good, but PovRay displays reflections and generates more accurate shadows and lighting to show off the 3D modelling at its best.