L&PS Rolling Stock - Snow Plows)



Operating beside the Great Lakes meant the L&PS had to be prepared to deal with a significant amount of snowfall. In 1915 management purchased three snow plow attachments for the L&PS boxcabs. Costing 306.50 each, they weighed 3065 pounds and were 6 ft high by 6ft long cutting a 10ft path through the snow. These proved to be a less than ideal solution since the engines had to be turned at the end of their runs. At the time, there was still an operating turntable in London and a Y off the pier at Port Stanley for this purpose. To eliminate the need for turning, the car shops built a double ended plow by mounting two of the blades onto a flat car. Suitably reinforced and with a load of rail to add weight, this awkward looking contraption battled Canadian winters for over 20 years. It must have been successful since the plow was rebuilt in 1936 on a steel framed flatcar using essentially the same design.

Here's L2 with the plow attachment:

(MSTS Screenshot)


And the first version of the double ended plow car.

(MSTS Screenshot)





















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