Installation and Operational Problems on the L&PS Route



Important: DO NOT MOVE THE L&PS ROUTE AFTER INSTALLATION. There are two reasons. The L&PS uses a custom TSECTION.DAT and although it may appear to work when you move the route folder, eventually you will come across one of the custom track sections and you will either derail or cause a 'Send-Don't-Send'. Also, I intend to release future updates to the route, and the update installer won't be able to find the L&PS directory if you move it.

  1. The installation program says it can't finish because I am missing some files - It needs some files from your existing MSTS directory. It checks to make sure you have all the necessary files and if some are missing, it can't continue. You must have removed these files at some point from your MSTS directory. Replace the files and try again.
  2. The switch points don't animate on the slip dock in Port Stanley - The L&PS route uses a special technique to allow mixing 'electric' and 'non-electric' track in the same route. One result of this is the switch points don't animate on 'non-electric' track such as at the slip-dock. Use your F8 display to see the switch alignment.
  3. When I try to save the route in Route Editor, it says 'File routes\LPS\LPS.tdb is read-only. Do you want to make it writeable?' - Answer 'No' to this question. You can not make changes to the L&PS route that impact the track database. Mixing 'electric' and 'non-electric' track is not supported by the MSTS Route Editor and requires a number of special techniques. I have made the track database files 'Read Only' to prevent you from accidentally damaging the route. Other changes to simple scenery objects are possible, but keep in mind that I will be updating the route frequently. Any changes you make may be overwritten by a future update.
  4. In activity 'T32 - London to Port Stanley' it said I ran a red light at Yarmouth - You must stop clear of milepost 13 at Yarmouth and wait for a meet with train 31.
  5. In activity 'T32 - London to Port Stanley' , train 31 won't enter the siding - Back up a little and MSTS will throw the switch for train 31.
  6. After I installed the route, I started getting the message 'There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk ...' - This is a well known MSTS bug. Just reboot your computer and the message will go away.
  7. Failed to open shape file .... MSTS is telling you it can't open the specified shape file - probably one that was copied from your origional MSTS directory. Your original file has somehow been damaged and needs to be replaced.
  8. I get derailments in some of the yards - it sounds like you might have changed the TSECTION.DAT file in the GLOBAL folder, or moved the route out of its special mini-MSTS install back to the main MSTS install.
  9. Deleted.
  10. Deleted.
  11. I don't like the CAMCFG.DAT file you provided with the route - no problem, go ahead and change it. But a couple of things to keep in mind. In order to maintain high frame rates, the L&PS uses LOD (Level of Detail ) modelling. More detail is added as you get closer to a model. When you change the camcfg.dat to use a long ( telephoto ) lens, you will see distant objects before the detail has been added.
  12. I get a Send/Don't Send error when I try to use Activity Editor - You must access the Activity Editor via the 'L&PS Tools' icon that was dropped on your desktop during SETUP.
  13. I can't load the activity LPS2ACT from the library - that activity is for the small L&PS Bathurst Street Module ( LPSM-V4.ZIP in the library ), not for the full L&PS route.
  14. Distant textures seem a little blurry compared to other routes - the shape files provided with the L&PS route have mip bias settings optimized to reduce moire patterns. Some video cards do not perform well with these settings. There is a section in the README.RTF that describes how to use the SHAPE-3 folder to restore the shape files to the standard MSTS settings.
  15. I have some other weird video behaviour or lockup - the icons that SETUP placed on your desktop call MSTS with the /FSAA and /ANISOTROPIC switches. These switches enhance the graphic appearance of the route on most video cards. There is a chance however that these switches may cause problems on cards that don't implement these features. To remove these switches, right click on the 'L&PS Route' icon and click on Properties. Cick on the 'Target' edit box and delete these two switches from the end of the line.

  16. When I start up in explore mode I get 'Service explorer placement at start of path of path X79 failed ...' - You may have asked to do an explore starting at the Port Stanley - Engine Pocket. This spur is quite small - your train might be too long for it.
  17. MSTS frequently locks up when I use the front coupler - Take a look in the README.RTF. On about page 3 there is a section titled 'SETUP OPTIONS IN MSTS'. Give these a try.
  18. MSTS frame rates really drop ( a jerky image ) when I get near the grass along the tracks' You should be able to get near 20 FPS on a high end computer. To improve frame rates on older machines, first try running with the visibility slider set to 500m and with Dynamic Shadows off. This lets you see all the detail, but reduces processor demands. If more improvement is needed, set your World Object Density slider to 9. This will completely remove the grass from the route.
  19. When I attempt to install an activity with TSUNPACKLPS it gives me the error 'Failed To Open Package' - I have posted a version 1.03 update to TSUNPACKLPS on the ACTIVITIES page. See Item 8 . It that should solve the problem.
  20. When I run a train from the L&PS tracks to the CN, Wabash or MCR tracks the train derails - See Activities Page, Item 9
  21. Deleted.
  22. I downloaded Version 2.0 and am trying to install it on top of a prior version.Just after the "Copying\Train Simulator" it stops and says: "Sorry, I can't finish the install. Press enter to close...." - Its having trouble overwriting your prior install. First try a reboot. If that doesn't work, rename your ..\Microsoft Games\Train Sim-LPS directory to something else, ie Train Sim-LPSOLD. and try again. Then you can copy any rolling stock addons from your old folder to your new folder and delete the old folder.

  23. I am getting the error 'Missing TargetCopyLog.TXT'. - I suspect that perhaps instead of unzipping LPS-V201.ZIP, you may be attempting to run SETUP.EXE from inside the zip. Here's the proceedure for unzipping the file in Win XT:

    Right click on LPS-V201.ZIP,
    Choose 'Extract All'
    Follow the prompts to create a temporary folder called LPS-V201.
    Open that temporary folder.
    Left double click on SETUP.EXE

  24. My ground textures look like a checkerboard of little squares of different colors like this - See trouble 15 above.
  25. I am running steam locomotives and the smoke gets trapped under the overhead catenary wires. It's a bug in the SD files. Download the fixed files at: Unzip the files and copy them to the LPS\SHAPES folder, replacing the old SD files that were there.

  26. The interlocking signals at the Wabash and MCR crossings have disappeared - These signals are actually a type of animal hazard. Because of this, they never appear in explore mode, they only appear in activities. If you are creating your own activities please see Item 10 on the 'Creating Activities' page for info about enabling the signals.

Note: Items 10, 11, 21 are not applicable to the current version 2.0 route and have been removed for clarity.