Foreign Freight Cars



Freight traffic on the L&PS originated on many lines in North America. Most of the major railways, and some smaller ones, were represented in the L&PS yards. Here is a sampling of some of the foreign owned cars photographed around the L&PS.

NP 47906 delivering a load of west coast lumber to the Lewis and Turnville Coal and Wood Yard

Left: E1 spotting OER 207 at Kains freight depot
Right: Portland Railway Light and Power Co no 1717 is really lost. I bet the management has no idea it's here.

CNO 58658 and PCC 75204 at Sutherland Press

Rutland 7158 spotted on the empties track at Elgin Handles in St. Thomas

TNOR 80008 and V&PLR 3615 at Elgin Handles